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Sourcing for Your Product

In order to succeed in your industry, you need more than just a good product a good quality manufacturer with high industry standards and knowledge pertaining to quality controls and inspections are not easy. In order to succeed in your industry, you need more than just a good product. And we can help. We pride ourself in the highest standards for sourcing and can handle the red tape so you don’t have to. We want to plan and implement a sourcing strategy that makes a difference, saves you money and adds value to your product. We work harder because we care about you, your product, and your business.


What Makes Your Products Different

We work exclusively with trustworthy manufacturers using the highest quality materials, decades of experience, and a smart communication strategy. We have years of experience leveraging connections to help our clients grow. Sourcing is about finding the right fit for your business — and your budget — while and reducing your overall costs. Our long-term partnerships with sourcing agents all over the world are at your service when you call Sullivans your distribution partner. We not only connect you with the best in the business, but we also help you communicate with them. Our connections with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other countries will allow you to not only reduce costs but also risks. We frequently travel to visit these factories, meet with the teams, inspect the facilities, and create relationships so we can ensure a relationship with our client that settles for nothing less than success.

Connect the dots. From sourcing to distribution. From your mind to the store. From conception to creation.

Have any questions? Contact our team today and let us assist you on your search for the best sourcing partner for your industry.


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